Release Notes

Async_Service 0.1.0-alpha.10 (2020-09-24)


  • Turn off verbose logging about task lifecycle by default. To re-enable it, set the environment variable ASYNC_SERVICE_VERBOSE_LOG=1. (#75)
  • In py3.8, annotate asyncio tasks with a name, so that asyncio logs show more than _run_and_manage_task() when there’s an issue like a coro that takes too long. (#76)
  • Raise an exception when more than 1000 child tasks are concurrently running. It slows down the event loop too much. (#77)

Internal Changes - for async-service Contributors

  • Pull in updates from project template, for latest release notes, Makefile, etc. (#78)


  • Launched repository, claimed names for pip, RTD, github, etc